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Summer programs at risk as Baie Verte Recreation Commission seeks volunteers

['A couple roofers were spotted making repairs to Baie Verte recreation’s swimming pool facility, utilized by children from various communities, as well as the Baie Verte Dolphins competitive summer swim club.']
The Baie Verte swimming pool during a period of down time and repairs.

BAIE VERTE, NL — The Baie Verte Recreation Commission needs dedicated volunteers to plan and manage its recreational programs. If no one steps forward soon, summer programming is at risk, noted the current chair Laura Bailey, who is herself at the end of her three-year term.

“There is no one paid to run recreation in town, so it is up to the residents,” Bailey said. “The recreation commission helps the kids have fun summer activities and stay out of trouble.”

While all of the volunteer positions are important, it is vital for the recreation commission to find a treasurer at this time.

“We especially need a treasurer to manage the finances or we won’t be able hire lifeguards or operate the pool,” she said. “The volunteer doesn’t need to have an accounting course, they just need some experience.”

Baie Verte CAO Brian Peach wants everyone to recognize the key community role the commission plays.

“The events and activities that the recreation commission creates are fun and healthy for the community,” Peach said. “However, on a more profound level, the commission creates opportunities for families and individuals to interact and socialize with one-another, build community spirit, and ultimately create that environment where everyone wants to live, work, and play.”

The current plan is to expand the commission to include a variety of more specific positions with fewer responsibilities for each one.

“The more people on the committee the less that individual people would have to do,” Bailey said. “We could delegate, so it would not be a huge commitment. Obviously, the more the merrier.”

Peach agreed: “Sometimes making a commitment to a group can be intimidating as volunteers often have a full plate of other obligations. The design of these new positions is to give our prospective leaders the opportunity to identify with, and focus on, the initiatives they feel the most passionate about.”

The current positions are chair, vice chair, treasurer, and secretary but the commission will be expanding to include the following: winter sports lead, summer sports lead, aquatics lead, special events lead, communications/graphic design technician, youth lead and seniors lead. In addition, Peach is hoping individuals from nearby communities will volunteer as community representatives on the commission.

To volunteer for a role on the commission or to become a volunteer for a specific project, please contact “BaieVerte RecCommission” on Facebook or contact the Town of Baie Verte at 532-8222.

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