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Bay of Islands Food Bank Network encouraging support for Community Food Sharing Association after devastating fire

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The Bay of Islands Food Bank Network hasn’t had to rely on them for much, but Joy Connors finds it comforting to know the Community Food Sharing Association is there to help if ever needed.

The Corner Brook-based food bank was gravely concerned with news last week that fire had destroyed the St. John’s-based association’s warehouse and its contents.

Connors, the food bank’s co-ordinator, could only remember one time they had to ask the Community Food Sharing Association for a little help, and it wasn’t even for food. In 2014, the Corner Brook network asked for some assistance supplying shampoo and other household items.

The association promptly sent several pallets of those sorts of items.

That’s not to say the association hasn’t sent food across the island to western Newfoundland. In December, said Connors, the association notified the Corner Brook food bank that it had an excess of frozen pizzas and other frozen foods. Before long, two pallets of frozen food were delivered for distribution to Bay of Islands Food Bank Network clients.

Connors is glad to see so many people, businesses and organizations from across the province supporting the association since the devastating fire. The provincial government provided the association with a building to operate out of and generous donations of food and money have been pouring in to help replenish the shelves so the association can continue with its charitable efforts.

“They had a great loss and it’s great to see not just neighbours helping neighbours, but communities helping communities,” said Connors.

The Bay of Islands Food Bank Network has been doing its part by sharing and directing people to the Community Food Sharing Association’s website and mailing address so they can make donations.

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