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Corner Brook friends turn Al Pittman's 'On a Wing and A Wish' into a show for children

March Hare.
March Hare. - Contributed

Kate Sanders was feeling a little emotional as she talked about the show she and two friends — Bridget Swift and Dahlia Waller — have created for a final March Hare event.

“Because the March Hare has always been around that I’ve been around,” said the 15-year-old from Corner Brook.

“It’s really interesting kind of being the end to the whole thing.”

The three friends have created a show for children around “On a Wing and A Wish: Salt Water Bird Rhymes,” a book of poems about Newfoundland birds that was written by March Hare founder Al Pittman.

The opportunity came about when it was realized that there was some money left after the March Hare ended this past March after 32 years and the three friends were asked if they wanted to create a show to bring the festival to a final close.

“We all are really close friends and we all love creating artwork in different ways. So, it just seemed like an awesome thing we could do to entertain kids in the community and also a fun summer job for us.”

Especially since The March Hare and the book hold special places in Kate’s family.

Her grandfather, Rex Brown, was the project manager of the festival.

Before publishing “On a Wing and A Wish, Mr. Pittman tested out the stories in the book her grandfather’s youngest children Jim and Jane.

It was Kate’s mom, Jill Brown, who suggested using the book for the show.

“I remember reading the book as a little kid and so I knew the poems pretty well,” said Kate. “So, it’s pretty nostalgic. It’s kind of exciting getting to transform it into a children’s show.”

She said the poems are about a lot of different interesting characters and she, and Swift and Waller have turned some of the poems into songs and other songs and characters have been inspired by a couple of lines from one poem and a couple of lines from another.

The show will include a bit of acting, singing and dancing.

“On a Wing and a Wish” will be presented at the Rotary Arts Centre at 2:30 p.m. on July 20 and 21. It’s free for kids under 12 who are accompanied by an adult.

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