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Deer Lake singer Krista Noble has new music video for song she recently recorded with Carol Anstey

Pasadena singer Krista Noble has a new music video for the song she recently recorded with Carol Anstey.
Deer Lake singer Krista Noble has a new music video for the song she recently recorded with Carol Anstey. - From Youtube

Krista Noble’s latest song “Is it all worth it” is a little different from the worship music she’s been singing for more than 25 years.

“It’s not specifically a gospel song and it can relate to anybody,” she said of the single that was recorded in Nashville, Tenn., under Recording Redemption World Records in the summer and just recently had a video of it completed.

The recording of the video was a big departure from her norm, as it was filmed in her cousin Darren Langdon’s bar in Deer Lake, a place you normally wouldn’t see her.

Noble grew up in a Christian home and is a worship leader in her church, Emmanuel Pentecostal Church in Deer Lake.

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She and Carol Anstey wrote the song, which is about some experiences in Anstey’s life coupled with experiences of other women they talked to.

“Her story, featured in the song, is about how she came to faith and she’s the main character in the video,” Noble said.

She said the song is aimed at trying to help people see there is more to life than just a party, and she believes it’s depicted well in the video filmed by Mike Snow of Gander.

“We want people to see they have a purpose and to not cloud their purpose or destiny with things that don’t matter,” Noble said.

She said although she never drank a glass of alcohol in her life, she felt to make the story have an impact, they needed to go to a bar to portray what the story is about.

Noble said the filming was done in the early hours of the morning, and staff at Langers Sport and Dance Bar were very accommodating to them. They wrapped up their recording and were all out of there before the bar opened for business.

She said the idea of faith is throughout the song and it delivers a message of hope. She said it can be played on secular radio or on country radio, and it’s being well received so far.

Though she’s been singing since she was a toddler, Noble recorded her first album in 2009 and her newest album (which this single will be on) entitled “Jesus Called My Name” will be her seventh and is expected out in 2019.

She and Anstey have already had three trips to Nashville, and the 38-year-old said her husband, Justin Noble, and her three children at 16, 14 and 10 years of age are all supportive of her music career.

She said “Is it all worth it” can be found on Apple, Google, Amazon and Spotify, where direct links to her video are available.

Noble can be followed on Facebook at Krista Noble Recording Artist or on Instagram at Krista Noble 7.

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