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Janice Wells: Sharing warmth and encouragement

Comments from my readers are often uplifting.
Comments from my readers are often uplifting. - 123RF Stock Photo

If you’re reading this, I really hope you enjoy it because I am thinking that the literal act of writing it will drive me to strong drink, maybe even before I finish it.
The bad news is that my computer is driving me crazy; the good news is that I am writing about wonderful uplifting emails from readers who take time out of their day to write.


Enjoy each and every day, good food, a glass of wine, the company of family and friends and your faithful readers who enjoy and look forward to your column every week. Cheers and Hugs and all the best in 2018.
— Email from a reader

More bad news is that the folder I put all of these emails in has decided not to show me any mail more than one month old. That’s only a small part of my technical woes today but I won’t get into the rest because

a) I’m too addled

b) if you’re like me you wouldn’t understand anyway and would end up as addled as I am, and

c) if you are not like me, you will think I am more to be pitied than blamed, which is true, but I don’t need to be pitied by techno wizards, thank you very much, because whatever I write about, there are people who let me know they understand and relate.

This would have been my Starting-the-New Year column, but I was afraid if I didn’t write about my throwing out leftovers resolution last week I would have forgotten it by this week, whereas there’ll never be any danger of my forgetting readers’ emails.

Some excerpts that lifted my day when I read them:

1. Janice, I thoroughly enjoy your articles. They are so human. As long as you are writing, I am reading. Here’s hoping you have a healthy New Year and don’t ever lose your humour.

2. Loved your column today, I'm sure a lot of people could relate to it. Best Wishes for 2018

3. Thank you for your last column about the Mental Health Start experience. It really touched a nerve of recognition for me.

4. Thank you for your column this week regarding depression. Many families have been affected by this illness. Your comment about "being aware" vs "understanding" hit a note with me.

5. Enjoy each and every day, good food, a glass of wine, the company of family and friends and your faithful readers who enjoy and look forward to your column every week. Cheers and Hugs and all the best in 2018

6. Thank you for your column in the recent Weekend edition of The Telegram. It’s probably a good idea to interchange the words ‘understanding’ and ‘awareness’. It is definitely good to have more people talk about mental illness and how life is often a struggle. I have heard how long and exasperating it can be to find the correct medication. I am glad you are able to enjoy decorating again this year and I hope you will continue in good health.

7. Have a lovely season. Buy the cookies. Don't worry about the rest. I have been five days trying to hang the damn bulbs on the tree and the truth is, I'd sooner not. Each breath and step in front of the other hurts my whole body. But, we'll be fine, sooner...won't we...

8. Thank you for your honesty and sincerity. Your columns are always so warm and funny, they always make me laugh out loud. You always seem to make us smile even when the topic is more serious.

9. Thank heavens there is someone else who feels the same as I do. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me. I would rather stay home than go out. I love your articles; look forward to them on the weekend. I hope you never have to leave the house to write them or we are all lost.

10. Just finished reading the wonderful article in the Telegram. I’ve no doubt that a lot of people reading this will seek help. That's the big problem with mental illness, nobody wants to talk about it, and just suffer in silence. I applaud you! God bless you, and have a great Christmas!

I feel the need to say that I’m not relating all this in a self-congratulatory way, but to share the warmth and encouragement that is out there when we talk about things.

I am truly blessed to have this forum and thank you all.


Janice Wells lives in St. John’s. She can be reached at

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