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Karaoke at LSPU Hall in St. John's is win-win

LSPU Hall - Submitted

Jody Richardson to host Thursday’s fun fundraiser

Even those people who say they won’t do karaoke usually break down and give in after a while. You know the type: the ones who begin the night with, “No, I can’t,” but finish it with the microphone and their best rendition of “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”
When the staff of the LSPU Hall was coming up with a fundraising idea that would get the most people involved, a karaoke night seemed like the best and most fun choice.
“We wanted to do something that would involve the community and offer a chance for everyone to experience performing on the LSPU Hall stage,” explains Nicole Rousseau, RCA Theatre’s artistic animateur.

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To that end, the LSPU Hall folk recruited Jody Richardson — musician/composer/actor, of Thomas Trio and the Red Albino, Fur Packed Action, and Pathological Lovers fame — and put together Karaoke at the Hall, set to happen Thursday at 8 p.m.
With Richardson as host and a variety of special guests taking turns at the mic (including comedian John Sheehan, musician Steve Maloney, The Telegram’s Tara Bradbury and CBC’s Heather Barrett, among others), the event will allow everyone an opportunity to sing on the Hall’s main stage. There will also be a bar, a food station featuring international street food by Amanda Bulman, games, raffles and gift basket giveaways, thanks to donations from a variety of downtown businesses.
You’ll get to do your best “Don’t Stop Believin’” over food, drinks and prizes; the LSPU Hall gets the proceeds, which will be used for programming and to keep rental rates affordable.
“When you support the Hall, you are in fact supporting the work of many performing artists and companies in our province, by providing a well-resourced venue and opportunities for production, presentation and professional development right here in Newfoundland,” Rousseau says.
Tickets for Karaoke at the Hall with Jody Richardson are $25 general admission, but $50 gets you in with a free drink, free menu items and a $25 tax receipt. More information is available online at or by calling 753-4531.

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