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Mental health module added to St. John’s Ambulance first aid courses

Stephen Webb, left, partnered with Remy Byrne as the Level 2 students received training in CPR and defibrillation from St. John Ambulance at Corner Brook Regional High School Wednesday.
St. John Ambulance is incorporating a mental health module in its emergency and standard first aid courses. - SaltWire Network file photo

Thanks to a generous grant from the Bell Let’s Talk program, St. John Ambulance has incorporated a module on mental health into its emergency and standard first aid courses.

The additional material focuses on the health of the whole person, triggers that can affect a person’s mental health, signs of mental health issues, how to respond to mental health issues and self-care suggestions.

“We are pleased to include mental health awareness in our courses as the definition of health is not merely physical but includes the mental aspect as well,” Bonnie Birmingham, manager of training and client services, stated in a press release.

The St. John Ambulance Newfoundland and Labrador Council also offers a two-day mental health first aid course, developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, mental health illness will impact 1 in 5 Canadians this year and the annual economic cost of mental illness in Canada is 51 billion dollars.

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