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Seniors in Profile: Dedicated Flower’s Cove volunteer helps church, family and community groups

Rosie Lawless in the summer of 2017 during a visit to see her son in Edmonton. - Contributed
Rosie Lawless in the summer of 2017 during a visit to see her son in Edmonton. - Contributed

Rosie Lawless works hard for her community

FLOWER’S COVE, NL — Rosie Lawless has lived in Flower's Cove for over 50 years and in that time has spent a lot of her time taking care of people.

Whether it is making dinner or knitting socks for her family, cleaning the church, or working with the other Lionesses and Lions on a fundraiser, she’s often doing something for others.

Lawless and her husband Michael raised their six children in the community. Her husband passed away in September 2015, shortly after their 50th Anniversary.

While she misses him greatly, she takes comfort in her memories.

“We had 50 great years, I’m happy for that,” Lawless said.

She also takes comfort in the support of her family. She has three children who live nearby, two who live in the St. John’s area and one who lives in Alberta.

“My family has always been good to me,” Lawless said. “And they still are.”

Lawless spends a lot of time with her family members who live nearby.

“Almost most every Saturday I cook soup and on Sunday I cook dinner,” Lawless said, “and whoever is here comes to dinner.”

Lawless enjoys spending time in the outdoors, whether its going for a walk or working in the vegetable garden with her sons.

“I love to be outdoors, I always did.” Lawless said.

“And I have a garden with my two sons. We did good with the potatoes and with greens last year,” Lawless said, adding, “We have our gardens set this year. We haven’t had a lot of warm weather but our potatoes are growing. Hopefully they are going to be good.”

In between her volunteer work, her work in the garden, and her other regular tasks, Lawless is preparing for a visit from her whole family next month.

“We’re planning a Lawless reunion the first week in August, and they’re all coming home,” Lawless said. “I’m really, really looking forward to that. I’ve got things started but I’ve got to do more baking.”

Lawless’ generous nature extends far beyond her immediate family. She donates a lot of time and money to various groups and causes in Flowers Cove.

“I’m in the Lionesses and the 50 + club and with the church,” Lawless said, “We have fundraisers, and if anyone is going around for a donation, I give one. I give to everything.

“My husband always said to me ‘If someone comes and asks for something, even if it’s the only $10 you’ve got, you give it. You’ll get something back for it’.

“I really believe that if you give, you get something in return,” she said.

Lawless definitely does her part, giving her time to the Lioness Club, to the 50+ club and to help out in Our Lady of the Snow Roman Catholic Church. Each of the groups does regular fundraisers to help out people in the community and to support the work of the organizations. She helps organize the events and clean up afterwards.

“The Lionesses, we help the Lions and we have our own meeting once a month,” Lawless said. “If the Lions are doing something, we help. We do the fundraisers together.”

She adds people in the community are very willing to do their part.

“It’s no trouble to get people to help, “Lawless said. “You just have to ask people. They are ready and willing.”

When Lawless takes a few minutes to relax, she still ends up doing something that helps others.

“When I’m sitting down watching TV, I knit,” Lawless said.“I knit socks and dishcloths and caps. I don’t go by patterns for a lot. I also sew and make quilts, just for my own family.”

Lawless says she just does the best that she can with her time and her efforts.

And she makes sure to focus on the important things.

“I’ve got family all around me, which is excellent,” Lawless said, “I’d like thank my family, only for them I don’t know what I would do.”

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