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Sing NL concert for Children's Wish taking place Sunday in St. John's

Matthew Cooper gets a hug from his grandmother Sophie Earle after his win in the Sing NL adult category.
Matthew Cooper gets a hug from his grandmother Sophie Earle after his win in the Sing NL adult category. - Keith Gosse

The Telegram and Zack Werner put off a special Sing NL concert in support of The Children’s Wish Foundation

Zack Werner, who is a former Canadian Idol judge, teamed up with The Telegram for Season 2 of Sing NL.

With the Christmas season just around the corner, Werner says he wanted to plan something special.

“Sing NL is all about community,” Werner said.
“I want to send the message that music is not just about competing and succeeding, but it’s also about bringing communities together,” he added.

A special concert planned for Sunday afternoon will feature Season 1 winners and finalists with all proceeds being donated to The Children’s Wish Foundation.

“The average cost of a wish is $10,000,” provincial director of Newfoundland & Labrador Children’s Wish Foundation Edie Newton said.
The money that is raised goes towards creating that single-most heartfelt wish that child chooses,’’ she added.

Newton says she was delighted when Sing NL decided to donate all proceeds from Sunday’s event to The Children’s Wish Foundation.

In recent years Newton says she has seen a trend in many wishes being aligned with what a child hopes to pursue in post secondary education or career wise.

“Any donor can clearly see where their money is going,” Newton said. “The wish that they are helping to grant has a long lasting impact on the child.”

Locally, the foundation is working on 78 wishes, and hoping to grant 45 by the end of March.

Matthew Cooper and Rachel Cousins were the winners of Season 1 of Sing NL. They will both be performing at Sunday’s event, slated for 2 p.m. at The Bella Vista.

Season 2

Sing NL Season 2 is well underway, and heading into the semi-final rounds on Nov. 26. and the grand finale on Dec. 10. 

“The season has been great fun so far,” Werner said.
“It’s going to be highly competitive next weekend. At this point, it’s anybody’s game.”

Werner says one of his favourite parts of the competition is watching the competitors from last year perform again.

“It’s great to see the way they are able to play the game of a singing contest,” Werner said.
“With choosing the right songs, and right accompaniments, it’s great seeing them improve.”

Werner says one thing he would like to see next season is more adults getting involved.

“I’m always excited about the variety of people who audition,” Werner said.
“Hopefully as we grow, we can do some more outreach to older singers. There’s all kinds of things that happen in the music industry, you never know at what age and stage one can have impact now.”

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