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'Ugly produce' trend may have limits, as grocers end tests

URBANDALE, Iowa — Is the "ugly produce'" reaching the end of its shelf life in grocery stores?

Companies like Walmart and Whole Foods in recent years tried selling blemished fruits and vegetables at a discount, produce they said might otherwise be trashed because it's not quite the right size, shape or colour. But the two chains and others quietly ended their tests, suggesting dented apples and undersized potatoes may not be that appealing in stores where better looking fruits and vegetables are on display.

Still, home delivery startups say they're still seeing interest. Some stores also haven't given up on selling less-than-perfect produce to reduce waste.

Kroger says it still plans to introduce ugly produce this year, and the supplier of "Misfits" produce says about 300 groceries still sell the fruits and vegetables.

Candice Choi And Scott McFetridge, The Associated Press

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