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WENDY ROSE: FYFF fêtes the winter blahs at The Rockhouse

Pathological Liars performs at the The Rockhouse Feb. 1 as part of the F**k You February Festival.
Pathological Liars performs at the The Rockhouse Feb. 1 as part of the F**k You February Festival. - Wendy Rose photo

“F**k you, February, f*ck you!”

This iconic Pathological Lovers lyric served as the inspiration for a newly created event, the F**k You February Festival (FYFF), held at The Rockhouse on Feb. 1.

The inaugural festival was indeed the perfect way to launch into February, as the crowd filled the dance floor to boogie down to long-revered and new-ish local acts.

DJ Slim Macho dug through his stack of vinyl records, entertaining the dance floor with carefully selected new and vintage pop hits.

There were just a few bodies on the dance floor at this point, but available dancing space would become limited when Weird Girlfriend hit the stage.

The two-year-old band originally formed as an outlet for Caitlin Whelan’s solo 2016 RPM album.

The band name is “an homage to faceless women,” whose identities are often boiled down to “so-and-so’s girlfriend,” she explained.

Whelan expanded Weird Girlfriend in 2018, adding guitarist Dan Greene, bassist Adam Shahin, and drummer Leon White.

The band acts as an extension of Whelan’s wildly effervescent personality. She bounced around the stage as the band explored various genres – ’90s alternative rock, punk rock, pop, riot grrrl, and more.

Playing a mix of originals and covers, highlights included the “Daria” theme song, a Bikini Kill cover, a witty original titled “Big Mac,” and a love song called “Burn Out,” dedicated to corporate cannabis giant Tweed.

It was only midnight, but the FYFF was off to an amazing start, and the night was only going to get better. One could tout the evening as a smashing success — emphasis on “smash.” Attendees went wild purchasing tickets to win the chance to smash a handmade piñata, raising nearly $300 for the local Community Food Sharing Association.

Local legends The Pathological Lovers reunited for the first time since The Levee closed in mid-2017, and although it had been almost two years since their last live performance, musicians Jody Richardson (guitar, vocals), Grant King (keys), Dave Rowe (bass), and Alexander Pierson (drums) were in top form.

The set opened with “Arrow of Stones,” and “Best Served,” two of the band’s most popular tracks — a surprising start, as most acts leave their mega-hits for the end.

To the assembled crowd, though, all the songs were mega-hits.

The Pathological Lovers played through their 2014 EP “We Can't Even Lose,” and 2010’s banger album, “Calling All Favours,” also playing a new track, much to the audience’s surprise.

On “Wednesday,” the track featuring the inspiration for the Festival’s name, the energy on-stage was rivaled by the crazed fans on the dance floor.

“The shortest month is by far the longest,” Richardson sang, the crowd echoing the words back at him. “You gotta be at your strongest in the Wednesday of the year.”

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