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E. C. Boone Ltd. donating billboard space for RNC messages, initiatives, alerts

A neon sign that sits in front of the Conception Bay South Fire Department, located in the stopping zone for Topsail Elementary School, has a clear message — “Slow down, school zone.” The Town of C.B.S. and the RNC started an initiative on Monday aimed at student safety due to excessive speeding, distracted driving and motorists passing school buses.
The RNC and E.C. Boone Ltd. will use its nine billboards across the Northern Avalon in a similar fashion to the way this one is used to get critical messages to residents of the areas which the signs are employed in.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary has found another way to highlight its community policing efforts.

E.C. Boone Ltd. And the RNC are partnering to use the nine digital billboards located on the Northeast Avalon to share information about community mind safety messages, critical traffic alerts, anti-distracted and anti-impaired driving messages and information in recruiting.

“Partnerships with community stakeholders is a very important component to the ‘community policing’ model and I’m very pleased to see the E.C. Boone team come forward wanting to help improve upon public safety,” RNC Chief Joe Boland said in the release.

“Communities strive when those in it work together,” he added.

E.C. Boone first approached the RNC with the offer of using the billboards in 2017. By doing so, it would allow the RNC to get messages out quickly, efficiently and most importantly at no cost to the taxpayers.

E.C. Boone’s Dave Boone said it is exciting to be a local business working to make the community safe and healthier.

“All of us at E. C. Boone Limited are looking forward to working with the RNC to help deliver, thru our digital displays, important public safety messages and show positive corporate involvement in our community,” Boone said.

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