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Added security, streamlined service coming to Newfoundland and Labrador vehicle registration in 2019

Long lines at Motor Vehicle Registration in Mount Pearl have been the subject of complaints for years. Now people can book their appointments online.
People wait in line at the Motor Vehicle Registration office in Mount Pearl. Service NL is enacting changes to the process it believes will help reduce wait times and improve vehicle registration security. - SaltWire Network

The provincial government is set to introduce new, more secure vehicle registration documents starting in January.

Whereas the previous vehicle registration stickers came attached to the registration documents by a staple and included just the expiry month and year, the new stickers will come embedded in the document and also include the vehicle’s license plate number, thereby reducing the risk of fraud or theft. 

Also, customers who visit a Service NL office for a vehicle transaction will now receive their registration or sticker in the mail as opposed to over the counter. Instead, a receipt of the transaction will serve as registration until the official documents arrive via mail. Government expects this change will reduce wait times for basic services by half.

All registration documents will be printed at a single motor registration division location, eliminating the need for inventory controls, storage and monitoring of these secure documents, and reducing the risk of error associated with manual processing.

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