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Arnold's Cove business park plagued with illegal dumping

Debris dumped at the park over the Sept. 22-24 weekend.
Debris dumped at the park over the Sept. 22-24 weekend.

ARNOLD'S COVE, NL — Arnold’s Cove mayor Basil Daley says that a recent dumping of construction debris at the $1 million oil and gas business park in Arnold's Cove isn’t the first time this has happened in the park.

He told The Packet there was a dumping of similar debris earlier in the spring.

"It's a problem.  I guess there are still some people who don't go by the system and don't care.  There's loads of places to get rid of you refuse; at the bulk pick or the Sunnyside waste recovery," said Daley.

He says that the town has been using its monthly newsletters to educate residents on where and how to dump their waste.

As for the debris dumped over the weekend of Sept. 22-24, Dailey says that local residents cleaned up the mess.

”Some of the residents went in and cleaned it up. It's ridiculous. Nobody seems to know who did it," said Daley.

Daley says that the council has not yet approached the police about the issue, but will bring it forward when they hold their annual meeting with RCMP.

Daley says that the option of installing a camera or offering a reward to catch the dumpers might be options worth exploring.

The new town council, which was sworn in this week, has not yet had a chance to discuss the situation.

On the subject of council, Daley noted that he was impressed with the diversity of the new members, four male and three female. He also noted a good mixture of both younger and more experienced councillors.

As for dumping, Daley says the park seems to be the only problem area in the town.

But he says that even one incident is one incident too many.

The park, a $1 million partnership between the Town of Arnold's Cove, the provincial Department of Business, Tourism, Cultural and Rural Development and the federal Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), was announced in September of 2015.  Construction of the park finished in spring of 2016.

Daley says several companies have looked at purchasing lots, but, with the downturn of the economy, have not done so yet.

Dumping of garbage in the park is certainly a deterrent to potential buyers, he adds.

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