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Attempted murder suspect briefly back in custody in St. John’s

Masih Allahbakhshi in court in St. John’s during a previous appearance.
Masih Allahbakhshi in court in St. John’s during a previous appearance. - SaltWire Network

MUN student Masih Allahbakhshi was arrested and later released with new conditions, including that he stay off social media

A MUN student charged with poisoning and attempting to kill another was back in custody for a brief period Thursday, accused of communicating with people he was banned from contacting.

Masih Allahbakhshi was released with new court orders to follow, in addition to the ones he was given after his previous arrests.

Along with having to check in with police three times a week, not leaving the province, and not holding any paid or volunteer job requiring him to make or serve food to the public, the 30-year-old MUN student has a new no-contact order, must stay off social media, and must not own a mobile phone or tablet.

The newest allegations against Allahbakhshi are not alleged to have taken place since he was last arrested, though they were only now reported to police.

He was last in provincial court in September, when he was charged with stealing from a Winners store in St. John's and breaching a number of his release conditions. He was released on bail about a week later.

Allahbakhshi is set to go to trial in September 2019 for attempting to murder a fellow student by trying to push him over a cliff on Signal Hill in April of last year. The two men reportedly fell about 20 feet and the victim received minor injuries. Allahbakhshi was arrested at that time and released from custody as the matter made its way through the courts; however, he was back behind bars nine months later, charge charged with attempting to poison the same man four days before the alleged Signal Hill incident. The charge was delayed while forensic testing took place on food alleged to have been spiked with prescription drugs, police explained.

After a bail hearing lasting a number of days, Allahbakhshi was again freed with strict conditions. He is scheduled to make a plea to the alleged poisoning next month.

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