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Ball concerned over Nalcor use of contractors

Premier Dwight Ball.
Premier Dwight Ball.

Premier Dwight Ball said that the public has a right to know how Nalcor is spending money, and the crown energy corporation citing commercially sensitive information to block disclosure doesn’t pass “the smell test.”

Ball was responding to questions about a Telegram story detailing the hundreds of professional services contractors who make up the majority of the Muskrat Falls management team, who have collectively invoiced for 4.6 million hours of work.

Speaking to reporters Monday after a political funding announcement, Ball said that the government is already drafting terms of reference for an inquiry into the Muskrat Falls project, and Ball said the use of professional services consultants to do most of the project management is one of the areas that an inquiry should study.

Previously, Ball has said that an inquiry should only be held once the Muskrat Falls project is substantially completed, so that it doesn’t interfere with the ongoing work, which would only further drive up electricity rates.

However, Ball said Monday that this doesn’t mean that the project needs to be totally finished; he said that he wants an inquiry launched as soon as possible, so long as it can do its work in a way that doesn’t interfere with Nalcor operations.

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