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Boalag deemed dangerous offender; sent to jail indefinitely

['Suspected serial rapist Sofyan Boalag is led into the courtroom at provincial court in St. John’s in this file photo.']
Sofyan Boalag is led into the courtroom in this file photo.


Serial rapist Sofyan Boalag has been deemed a dangerous offender by the court, and will now serve an indeterminate sentence.

Boalag, who was convicted of sexually assaulting three women and choking one of them, as well as robbery, weapons charges and resisting arrest, was taken out of a St. John's provincial courtroom and back to jail, where he'll stay indefinitely.

The three women Boalag assaulted were in the courtroom as Judge Pamela Goulding brought down her decision this morning, with the youngest of them — who was 15 at the time she was attacked — bursting into tears.

Goulding told the court Boalag needed to be imprisoned indefinitely  for the public's protection, noting he has shown no remorse.

"There is no evidence before me that Mr. Boalag can be rehabilitated within a definite period of time," Goulding said.

She also ordered him to be named to the sex offender registry and banned from possessing weapons for life.

Crown prosecutor Trisha McCarthy had argued for the dangerous offender status, saying Boalag had shown no insight into his crimes and had established an increasingly violent pattern of them.

Defence lawyer Jeff Brace, had argued for a 10-year jail term, with extra credit for the five years Boalag has already spent in custody.

As a dangerous offender, Boalag will remain in prison until he is deemed by the parole board to be fit for release. If that happens, he will be monitored and made to follow strict conditions.

Boalag attacked each of the three women as they were walking home in the downtown St. John's area in 2012.

More to come.

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