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CFIB calling for Central Regional Service Board’s resignation

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) says the Central Regional Service Board’s Sort It Central waste regulations are creating an anti-competitive environment.


The organization issued a news release this morning calling on the board of directors to resign immediately.

The CFIB says many of its members in the central Newfoundland region believe the board has failed in its ability to implement the regulations.

“It is integral, during this time of economic uncertainty, that governments do what they can to ensure the best possible environment for business growth and success,” said Vaughn Hammond, the CFIB’s director of provincial affairs for Newfoundland and Labrador.

“The Board is simply doing the opposite with its waste regulations.”

The news release noted the CFIB and some of its members have been communicating with elected officials and bureaucrats on the need to ensure greater compliance with the region’s waste regulations for the past several months.

CFIB members say the cost of waste collection and disposal has grown too expensive, and they are also uncertain of the environmental benefit.

“Many of our members in the region want to be environmental stewards and do what they can to reduce waste going into the system,” Hammond stated. “However, the Board has failed to implement the very regulations that it created and, for that reason, all Board members should resign to make room for those who are willing to do it properly.”

A copy of the letter to the board is available at

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