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Clarenville man's bail hearing postponed for fourth time in less than three weeks

Dean Culleton lead out of Clarenville provincial court by RCMP.
Dean Culleton lead out of Clarenville provincial court by RCMP. - Mark Squibb

CLARNEVILLE, NL – A bail hearing for Dean Culleton, last living in Clarenville and currently held in police custody, has been postponed for the fourth time.

Culleton had been in police custody since Aug. 19, when he was alleged to have broken several conditions of his recognizance relating to former charges, including breaking into and entering a Clarenville home, consuming alcohol, betraying an emergency protection order (which was served two days earlier and forbade him from entering the same residence which he is accused of breaking into), operating a motor vehicle, and not notifying the RCMP of a change of address.

He was released on bail Tuesday, Dec. 5, and arrested again two days later in Clarenville. He is accused of possessing alcohol, breaking curfew and failing to reside at a Wabush residence as ordered by the court, as well as resisting arrest.

Culleton was scheduled for a bail hearing Dec. 12, but that was postponed until the morning of Dec. 21.
On Dec. 21, the bail hearing was postponed until later in the day, when it was postponed until Dec. 28.

The bail hearing has been once again postponed, this time until Jan. 4.

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