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Colin Wheeler going to trial for allegedly threatening Crown prosecutor, Supreme Court justice in Corner Brook

Colin Percy Wheeler during a previous court appearance in Corner Brook.
Colin Percy Wheeler during a previous court appearance in Corner Brook. - SaltWire Network

A Bay of Islands man with a lengthy criminal history and already facing more prison time for behavior while incarcerated has been charged with uttering threats against both a Crown prosecutor and a judge.

Colin Wheeler, 38, has been behind bars for the past year after being convicted of assault with a weapon, mischief and two court order breaches.

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Colin Wheeler foregoes trial, enters guilty plea

He is currently awaiting sentencing in the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador after pleading guilty to damaging property at Her Majesty's Penitentiary, related to an incident at the prison in St. John’s last Nov. 28.

The court recently heard the Crown and defence may be close to resolutions on other charges against Wheeler, which include allegations of more property damage, assaulting inmates and making false fire alarms.

Last week, he was slapped with three more charges stemming from an Aug. 10 court appearance in Corner Brook. Those charges include two that name Crown attorney Lori St. Croix as the complainant and one that names Justice George Murphy of the Supreme Court as the victim.

Wheeler is accused of uttering a threat to cause death or bodily harm against St. Croix and with threatening to use violence, namely slashing her throat, with the intention of provoking a state of fear in the Crown attorney in order to impede the administration of justice.

Wheeler is also accused of engaging in conduct with the intent of provoking a state of fear in Murphy in order to impede him in the performance of his duties as a judge.

Wheeler has entered not guilty pleas to the three charges and a one-day trial has been scheduled for Dec. 10.

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