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Company fined for doing work in downtown Corner Brook without obtaining permits

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A numbered company that renovated an office building in Corner Brook without the proper permits has been fined $1,000.

The company, 11399 Newfoundland Limited, was represented only by a lawyer when its matters were called at provincial court in Corner Brook.

Katrina Warren entered guilty pleas to two breaches of the Urban Renewal Planning Act in relation to the work done at 3 Herald Ave., which houses a number of health-related clinics and businesses.

The court heard the company had applied for a permit to do interior renovations last July. When a development inspector from the City of Corner Brook visited the site in October, the work was found to have already been carried out without the necessary development permit or an occupancy permit.

The company was fined $500 apiece for each of the violations.

Lori Lee Sharpe, the City of Corner Brook’s solicitor, withdrew two other charges under the City of Corner Brook Act after the guilty pleas had been entered. She indicated the company cooperated with the city after being charged and has since obtained the permits needed.

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