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Concerns raised over Mundy Pond swan waddling on ice

A pair of swans find themselves trapped in the frozen waters of Mundy Pond. City officials have been notified of the situation.
Last month, residents expressed concerns about these two swans at Mundy Pond. Three weeks ago, the male swan was moved to winter quarters at Bowring Park, but the female swan evaded capture. Residents expressed concerns for her well-being Saturday morning. - Joe Gibbons/The Telegram file photo

‘She seems quite content where she is’, says city councillor

The Telegram received concerned reports about a female swan waddling on icy Mundy Pond Saturday morning.

One reader emailed a video of the swan, and said she was concerned the swan was still at the pond because it’s nearly entirely frozen over.

Last month, when the pond was beginning to freeze over, residents expressed concern when it appeared two swans were becoming stuck in the ice.

The city said the two swans were not in danger and would soon be moved to their winter quarters at Bowring Park.

However, on Saturday morning, one swan was no longer at the pond but the other was, prompting concerns from residents.

City councillor for that area, Jamie Korab, was quick to respond to the concerns via email.

Korab said he spoke with the city’s operations supervisor and can confirm the male swan was relocated three weeks ago.

He said “several attempts” have been made to relocate the female.

“She seems quite content where she is and avoided capture,” Korab wrote.

He said current conditions are of no concern to the swan’s health, and city staff will continue efforts to relocate the female within a week.

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