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Corner Brook Judge says Bay of Islands man needs to take responsibility and show up for court

A Corner Brook judge says it’s time for a Bay of Islands man to come to court and answer to the charges against him.

Ronald Smith, 49, was charged in January with the robbery of Evoy’s Video in Benoit’s Cove.

The charges against him include robbery with violence, forcible confinement and disguised with intent.

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He’s been free since Jan. 12, but has not been present for some of his recent court appearances.

His lawyer, Sandi MacKinnon, told the court during an appearance on Thursday that Smith had been involved in a rehabilitation program in St. John’s, but was now back on the west coast. However, she said he doesn’t have a phone, but she was able to speak with a family member.

She said she wanted to meet with Smith to go over the disclosure in the case and that she was prepared to waive his section 11B Charter rights between now and his next court appearance.

Crown attorney Adam Sparkes said the man has to take ownership and do whatever it takes to get to court.

As he started pointing out various excuses for missing court, MacKinnon took exception to his remarks.

Judge Catherine Allen-Westby interrupted the exchange and said Smith needs to take some responsibility and come to court.

“And I don’t think that it’s good enough that he hasn’t,” she said.

She set Smith’s next appearance for Aug. 14.

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