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Corner Brook officials urging people to stay off roads

The City of Corner Brook closed the Main Street bridge to all traffic because of the rising waters in the Corner Brook Stream.
The City of Corner Brook closed the Main Street bridge to all traffic because of the rising waters in the Corner Brook Stream. - Gary Kean

The good news is the rain appears to have subsided in Corner Brook.

The bad news is that the city is still dealing with some severe water issues after heavy rainfall over the last couple of days and warm temperatures wreaked havoc on its resources. 

While the precipitation has lightened, temperatures are expected to move below zero overnight and officials are anticipating some freezing to occur.

Were getting into some drizzle, which is good. Its a relief, said Corner Brook Mayor Jim Parsons Saturday evening. Water levels appear to be coming down and things like that. Were anticipating some water line trouble.

With that in mind, many of the cities work crews are working in anticipation of some waterline trouble.


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Earlier in the day, Corner Brook declared a state of emergency after it was walloped by a weather system that brought heavy rain that started Friday and continued into Saturday evening.

That, coupled with warm temperatures, caused significant snowmelt that lead to the significant damage across western Newfoundland. A number of roads were either washed out or closed due to water buildup.

A washout of the Trans-Canada Highway near Little Rapids caused both the eastbound and westbound lanes to close until a bypass could be put in place.

That happened around 5 p.m.

On top of that, a house in Benoits Cove was completely submerged.

In Corner Brook, multiple roads have been shutdown, parks are off limits and citizens are being advised to stay indoors unless there is an emergency.

The citys depot flooded earlier in the day, causing major damage.

Were looking at significant damage there, said Parsons. That is going to be a big problem there.

A boil water advisory is in place for parts of the city that lost water as a result of line break.

Crews started their work early Saturday morning and are expected to continue working into Sunday morning to help alleviate the strain on the system.

Parsons said the Corner Brook Fire Department and the RNC are still heavily involved in helping out.

Corner Brook is also working with Western Health as road closures may cause problems for people in the region needing emergency assistance. With that in mind, the city pre-emptively evacuated some residents because of access issues.

 We will see tomorrow what the extent of (the damage) is, said Parsons.

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