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Corner Brook Public Library becomes a venue for local musicians

Barry Ezekiel performed at the Corner Brook Public Library’s music fest on Saturday.
Barry Ezekiel performed at the Corner Brook Public Library’s music fest on Saturday.

A library is not the typical venue you’d think of if you were looking to hear some acoustic punk.

But that’s just where Criss Rogers got to put on a bit of show with his guitar on Saturday afternoon.

Rogers was one of a number of local musicians to take part in a music fest at the Corner Brook Public Library.

“Usually you’re supposed to be really quiet and I kind of pride myself on being loud,” he said with a laugh.

“I just love the library. I always have,” said Rogers, who is a regular visitor with his family. It was during one of those recent visits that one of the staff members approached him about taking part in a music festival and about recommending some other local musicians.

After completing his performance and watching some of the others, Rogers said the music fest was an awesome way to get people into the library and to celebrate local music.

“The way the music scene is here is it’s mostly just bar bands playing covers. This is more of an intimate thing. You can kind of let your hair down a little bit, do your own thing.”

Up before him was Ivan Emke with his traditional and exotic instruments that Rogers said showed all the different colours of music.

Sandee Harnum, library technician 3/supervisor of staff, said the festival was about letting the public know more of what the library does, especially in terms of community outreach.

“We try to do different things to bring people of all ages into the library,” she said.

“Music is a wonderful language that’s appreciated by all and all ages.” So when the library had some local musicians willing to help out, Harnum said “we took a chance at it right away.”

Throughout the afternoon there were people milling about to listen to the musicians, which included some young students and Gary Bennett Music was also on site with some of the instruments it sells.

The fact the music fest coincided with a cruise ship visit meant it became not only a great way to show some local entertainment to the local community but also to the visitors.

Harnum said people can expect to see more different events happening at the library.

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