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Corner Brook’s Josh Carey tapped to lead regional waste management board

Carey - Submitted

Corner Brook city councillor Josh Carey says he was humbled to be chosen as the new chairperson of the Western Regional Service Board.

The veteran municipal official recently got the nod to lead the 11-member board, which operates as Western Regional Waste Management with a mandate to implement the provincial waste-management strategy in the western region.

Fellow board members Roger Barrett of Reidville and Peter Fenwick of Cape St. George had also sought the position of chairperson.

Barbara Barter of Burgeo was elected the board’s vice-chairperson.

Carey said five of the board members are new. After some orientation, he and the board are eager to get on with trying to implement the strategy in western Newfoundland in the most cost-efficient and cost-effective manner.

The issue of waste management has long been a bone of contention for municipalities throughout the region. Councils and community leaders have been frustrated for years by the slow progress and the uncertain costs associated with dealing with waste management at a regional level.

Carey said this appointment is not at all about him putting his stamp on the issue or forcing his own personal views on how the strategy should unfold. He said he will take direction from what the board collectively decides is the best route to go.

Further, he noted, every member of the board is also an elected official who is trusted and expected to do what is in the best interests of their constituents and not to pursue personal agendas.

“To suggest I am going to go in and turn things upside down wouldn’t be rational, nor would it be prudent,” he said.

Here are the elected municipal officials on the Western Regional Service Board:

Bay St. George

- Cynthia Downey (Stephenville Crossing)

- Peter Fenwick (Cape St. George)

Burgeo and areas

- Vice-chairperson Barbara Barter (Burgeo)

City of Corner Brook

- Chairperson Josh Carey

- Bernd Staeben

Humber Valley

- Derrick Anthony (Pasadena)

Long Range

- Joe Reid (Norris Point)

North/South Bay of Islands

- Tony Blanchard (Irishtown-Summerside)

Southwest Coast

- Melvin Keeping (Port aux Basques)

Western Hills

- Roger Barrett (Reidville)

White Bay South

- Eli Bishop (Pollard’s Point)

Source: Western Regional Waste Management

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