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Double whammy in Holyrood

RCMP has confirmed that a flagsman has died as a result of being struck on Route 80, between Heart's Content and Old Perlican, today.
RCMP patrol vehicle - RCMP file

RCMP charges two impaired drivers in one truck

Holyrood, N.L. — ‎While on patrol near Marina Shores, Holyrood, about 2:20 Sunday morning the RCMP took note of a male driver in a pickup who was driving dangerously.

There was a female passenger with him.

Police were able to safely stop the vehicle, but witnessed the passenger and driver changing seats as they were being stopped.

The woman, now the driver, was charged with impaired care and control of a motor vehicle due to her intoxication.

The original male driver was taken for breath testing. He gave one reading three times the legal limit then refused to give any further samples.

‎The man was charged with impaired driving, refusal of breath testing and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

He was released to appear at a later date in court.

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