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Driver clocked going 160 km/h near Come By Chance, vehicle impounded

The road near the entrance to Charlottetown Rural High School was the top speed trap in Charlottetown in the month of June.
RCMP officers clocked a driver in excess of 160 km/hr near Come By Chance on Friday. - 123RF Stock Photo

Police clocked a driver going faster than 160 kilometre an hour in a 100 km/h zone near Come By Chance on Friday, July 20.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers impounded the vehicle for three days and the driver’s licence was suspended for seven days.

In a news release issued by the RCMP Monday, it said they remind the public of the dangers of driving fast and the penalties for excessive speeds have increased.

A first time offence for speeding in excess of 51 kms/hr includes a $520.00 fine, four demerit points, three-day vehicle impound and a seven-day driver’s licence suspension,” the release stated.

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