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Facebook post by Stephenville man on eyelashes in takeout bag gets lots of attention

A screenshot of Ben Dunphy's Facebook post.
A screenshot of Ben Dunphy's Facebook post. - Facebook image

After posting on Facebook about an incident in which he found fake eyelashes in a meal from Mary Brown’s in Stephenville on Friday, Ben Dunphy says he’s now satisfied with apologies made.

He said in the post, that evening he went to Mary Brown’s take out and ordered a Big Mary meal, which he said came with a “free set of fake eyelashes (used)” in the bottom of the bag.

Dunphy said in a perfect world, he would have simply return the food to the restaurant and ask for a refund. He said he didn’t find the eyelashes until he had ripped open the bag to eat taters that had fallen out of a cardboard cup.

He alleges he then gathered some evidence (took photos) and threw everything in the garbage "out of disgust".

Dunphy said he called the restaurant and let them know what had happened, not looking for compensation or a free meal, but to "hopefully avoid the eyelashes from the other eye making it into someone else’s bag of food".

With no manager working that evening he said he was told to call back on a week day and did so this week.

He said although the manager spoke in a nice tone and seemed somewhat apologetic, she denied the fake eyelashes had come from that restaurant.

Dunphy said he guaranteed that they did.

He said on the post, the moral of the story is to inspect your take-out before you chow down.

Dunphy said since his original post, a district manager of Mary Brown’s got in touch with him and was very apologetic and reassured him he would be looking into the incident, would be updating him, and refunding him for his purchase.

He said he’s not usually one to post something like this incident or even to post anything, but in his opinion something like this should be made public.

Dunphy was surprised the post got as much reaction as it did with 313 comments and 427 shares as of 2 p.m. on Wednesday.

The restaurant manager said she wouldn’t be commenting to the media on the issue.

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