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Family relieved to hear Corner Brook's Rockey Reid has been located in St. John's

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Rodney Reid hasn’t spoken to his identical twin brother Rockey for almost a year, but he’s hoping that changes real soon.

Reid, who lives in Alberta, has been worried about the whereabouts of his 46-year-old twin brother since he heard Rockey hadn’t been seen by family members since Wednesday when he was seen hitchhiking east with St. John’s his expected destination.

Rodney Reid received a telephone call from his worried mom Sunday informing him Rockey was missing so he contacted the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Monday to file a report with hopes of finding his twin.

Fortunately, within two hours of the file being opened Monday the RNC was informed by the family that a childhood friend of Rockey had spotted him in St. John’s. The family friend didn’t get a chance to speak with Reid because she was driving through heavy traffic and Reid was on foot, but Rodney says the friend who spotted him knew him all her life and had no doubt it was Rockey.

The RNC will be looking to speak with Reid to ensure he’s OK, a step normally taken after a person has been seen after a missing person file has been opened, an RNC spokesperson said Monday afternoon.

Rodney is happy to hear his twin is OK, but he wants to hear his voice to ensure everything is OK.

As far as Rodney knows, his brother was heading east with hopes of finding work and he doesn’t own a cellphone so there is usually little contact with him. But, he said, going days without giving anybody any heads up to his whereabouts was somewhat out of character so he was worried about his safety.

Rodney said knowing his brother is safe is comforting news for the family.

“I thought the worst. I thought he was dead,” Rodney said. “Everybody is a bit relieved that at least somebody has seen him.”

Rodney wants his brother to make a telephone call to his mom as soon as he can get to a telephone because it would put an end to her worrying.

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