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Fiery crash on T.C.H. Saturday morning destroys car, extensively damages pickup

Occupants suffer only minor injuries

A fiery crash on the Trans-Canada highway early Saturday morning destroyed a car and extensively damaged a pickup but the occupants of both vehicles somehow only suffered minor injuries. The collision happened just before 1 the eastbound lane just east of Butterpot Park when a car and pickup collided. The car swerved into the median and burst into flames shortly afterwards but the occupants were able to get out of the car. When firefighters with the St. John’s Regional fire department arrived on scene, the car was completely engulfed in flames. They used a water and foam mixture to extinguish the blaze but the car was totalled anyway. A dark coloured pickup sustained extensive damage to its back end. The RCMP stopped the flow of eastbound traffic for a time but re-opened one lane when the scene was secured. No information was available on scene as to the cause of the collision.

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