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Firefighters respond to fuel spill in Mount Pearl Wednesday night

Diesel spills at Donovan's Irving

A diesel fuel spill had St. John's Regional firefighters and emergency personnel responding to the Donovan’s Irving in Mount Pearl just after 8 p.m. Wednesday night.

An official on scene told The Telegram it appears a customer used one of the commercial diesel pumps and pulled away from the pump with the nozzle still in the vehicle’s tank. The hose then broke off and diesel fuel spilled out on the ground, flowing down the parking lot and into a storm sewer. The broken hose and nozzle could be seen lying on the ground next to the pump.

Initial reports indicated that about 800 litres may have spilled but officials were actually unable to determine the exact amount and were trying to contact the customer in question to investigate further.

Traffic was slowed or detoured in the area until it was deemed safe to drive on nearby roads.

Employees of the business and with the City of Mount Pearl were called in to assess the situation and conduct a cleanup of the fuel.

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