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Holyrood council approves residential small lot development

The Town of Holyrood has approved the development of a residential lot between Floods Road and Botanical Garden Road for smaller homes. — Town of Holyrood
The Town of Holyrood has approved the development of a residential lot between Floods Road and Botanical Garden Road for smaller homes. — Town of Holyrood - Contributed




Holyrood council has approved development of a new residential lot for potential homeowners interested in taking up less space.

The new residential building lot, located between Floods Road and Botanical Garden Road, will have a minimum lot size of 450 square metres and a minimum floor area of 55 square metres. Maximum floor area will be 75 square metres.

“This is houses ranging between 600 and 800 square feet,” Coun. Kevin Costello, chair of the town’s planning and development committee, said during the Sept. 11 council meeting. “It’s smaller than what’s usually being built in Holyrood, but we think there’s a market that Holyrood’s missing at the moment.”

“There’s a niche there for that, no question,” added Mayor Gary Goobie. “People are looking to downsize for various reasons, and I think if we can accommodate that through this reduced area and see how it works, and if we know demand is there, who knows, we may expand into other areas as time goes on.”

By comparison, smaller homes in the new Galway subdivision of St. John’s have a floor space of just under 3,000 square feet.

Gas tax paving

Holyrood has been approved for road paving work under the federal gas tax funding program. Portions of roads scheduled to be repaved are Northside Road, Country Path, Keiley’s Lane, Highland Park, Green Acres and Byrne’s Lane. The value of the work on these six roads is valued at over $69,300.

“We’re expecting this work to kick off fairly soon,” said Coun. Costello, who presented the public works report in the absence of the committee’s chair, Coun. Jim Joy.

Costello explained that by extending the contract for the company that did the previous batch of roads funded through the gas tax program, the paving work will be completed more efficiently.

Playground equipment

The playground in Highland Park will soon get some brand-new playground equipment.

Council awarded a contract to Apex Construction to supply and install the equipment. The value of the contract is $16,415.

“That’s just another example of our focus on having some green spaces and recreation spaces for the children and families of our town,” recreation chair Coun. Kim Ghaney said. “It’s a small investment to make to support that in our community, and it’s much needed in that area, so I’m very happy it’s going forward.”

Hunting signs

The town is erecting signs to address safety concerns about hunting activity within Holyrood’s municipal boundaries.

Coun. Roger Myette, chair of the public safety committee, said the town has received complaints about people in the Salmonier Line area hearing gunshots.

Myrette said the signs will let hunters know they are in a residential area and ask them to be sure to know their surroundings and proceed with extreme caution. The signs will be posted on Liam Hickey Drive and on Salmonier Line.

Budget consultations

In preparation for its 2019 budget, the Town of Holyrood will hold a consultation session with the public Oct. 16 at 7 p.m. at the town office.

“I really encourage residents to come forward and express their ideas and recommendations as to how money should be spent,” Mayor Goobie said. “Unfortunately, we’ve been having these consultations for many years, and very few people have turned out. We’ve had some submissions and emails, but unfortunately, we’ve never had any significant numbers of people turn out.”

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