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Holyrood woman charged with selling puppies with docked tails

The RCMP has charged a Holyrood woman for reportedly docking puppies' tails.
The RCMP has charged a Holyrood woman for reportedly selling puppies with docked tails. - RCMP

Holyrood, Nl.L. — A Holyrood woman is facing a slew of charges for reportedly selling “purebred” Boxer puppies with docked tails from her home.

The 41-year-old has been charged with eight counts under the provincial Animal Health and Protection Act (animal protection regulations) following a complaint to Holyrood RCMP in early February.

Docking dogs’ tails, which usually means removing them, is illegal in Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as several other provinces in Canada. It’s also prohibited with horses and cattle.

More veterinarians across the country are speaking out against pet cosmetic surgery, often popular among dog breeders. Other illegal practices include cropping dog ears, meaning cutting them into a point to make dogs appear more appealing.

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