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Howley extends state of emergency by more than an additional week

It was another full day working at the pump house Thursday to restore water in Howley.
A crew works at the pump house to restore water in Howley in this image taken Thursday. - Submitted photo

The state of emergency in Howley has been extended until Feb. 12.

Mayor Wayne Bennett said his town is not taking any more chances with its water supply issues, after the town announced the extension Saturday afternoon.

The town first declared a state of emergency Monday after its water supply pumps stopped filling its reservoir with water the night before. The order was initially set to expire Thursday morning, but was extended for another two days when issues getting water flowing to taps in town persisted.

Water is now flowing again through one of the town’s two pumps, but the system has to be constantly monitored and more work is needed to ensure the system’s reliability.

Materials to help fix the problem were en route from Western Canada and St. John’s, according to the town’s latest update on its Facebook page Saturday afternoon.

The plan is to place a submersible pump, which has already been delivered to Howley, into Sandy Lake. When this pump is operational, the water supply’s main pump will be taken out for service and repairs.

Bennett urged residents to remain patient and to continue working together towards solving the town’s water problems.

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