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Knife-wielding men break into Mount Pearl home Saturday night

Perpetrators appear to have struck wrong house

Two knife-wielding and masked males broke into a house off Park Avenue in Mount Pearl Saturday night in what appears to have been a botched home invasion.

The lone occupant of the home, an older woman who is ill, was completely shaken by the incident the woman’s husband told the Telegram. He said he wasn’t home when the break-in happened just before 10 p.m., adding the men broke into the home through a rear patio door demanding to know where a certain other male, whom they named, was located. They also wanted to know the location of a gun he said. When his wife informed them that no man by that name lived there and they had the wrong house, they then asked whether she had any drugs in the house and then fled the scene on foot.

RNC vehicles could be seen cruising the streets shortly afterwards with lights and sirens activated in an effort to locate the perpetrators. A K-9 team was also spotted in the area. Officers went house to house following the incident interviewing neighbours, some of whom were standing outside watching the investigation unfold. A forensic identification officer arrived soon afterwards and entered the home to gather evidence.

The victim was not physically harmed.

No information was available as to whether any suspects had been located.

More details will be provided as they become available.

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