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Land Protectors to meet with Nalcor CEO

A protest at Nalcor in St. John's ended peacefully Wednesday morning.
A protest at Nalcor in St. John's ended peacefully Wednesday morning.

A meeting will be arranged between the Labrador Land Protectors and Nalcor Energy president and CEO Stan Marshall, under an agreement that concluded a demonstration in St. John's this morning.

A group of self-identified Land Protectors and supporters shut down Nalcor Energy's headquarters of Hydro Place at about 7:30 a.m.

Barring entrances, the group called for a meeting with Marshall, to address the ongoing concerns around methylmercury and any potential flood risk from the Muskrat Falls hydro project. The group continues to call for a complete shut down of the project, along with an audit of Nalcor Energy and project expenditures.

While members of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary arrived at the scene at Hydro Place, no arrests were made at site. Both RNC and Nalcor Energy employees spoke with the demonstrators.

Also launching into some discussion with the group was Ches Crosbie, who was set to meet with Marshall. He was confronted on the Progressive Conservative's history with the project — designed and approved under PC governments.

Crosbie distanced himself from the past administrations in regards to decisions made. "Personally, I think you have a legitimate point of view," he said, responding to complaints on how the project has been handled specific to concerns around methylmercury entering the Churchill River system, as the hydro power dam and related reservoir is created.

The meeting with Marshall had been in the works for a couple of months, Crosbie told The Telegram, in order to match up schedules.

It will now have to be rescheduled, but a meeting between the group opposing the project and Marshall will also be scheduled, after being offered by Nalcor Energy communications staff.

Several protestors said they spotted Marshall arriving at the parking lot shortly after the building was barred, but leaving thereafter, without approaching the group.

A date has yet to be set for the meeting with Marshall, but the group has dispersed as of roughly 9:30 a.m.

Many Nalcor Energy employees working from Hydro Place had left after being unable to access the building.

But work at the building did resume with employees entering as the protestors left.



Land Protectors shut Hydro Place




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