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LED controversy lights up Facebook

This post is among the Facebook comments surrounding a RCMP warning about the use of aftermarket LED lights on vehicles.
This post is among the Facebook comments surrounding a RCMP warning about the use of aftermarket LED lights on vehicles.

A short story on The Telegram website Wednesday concerning an RCMP warning about the aftermarket use of LED lighting on vehicles has gone viral.

There have been early 3,500 shares.

On The Telegram's Facebook site, Betty Sinnott posted this comment: "They are a major problem, blinding espically at night in the rain, crack down on this is needed."

"Not only a problem on the highway also a problem in the city," said Dan Meades.

"Those things compound the problem for people already suffering Night Blindness! Crack down on them!" commented Gus Fanning.

"Well then, don't sell the lights if they're illegal," chimed in Jack Flynn.

The debate is raging on the Trucks of Newfoundland group on Facebook with people debating and dissecting the Highway Traffic Act and speaking out against government vehicles law enforcement and snow plows using bright lighting.  

RCMP warns about use of aftermarket LED lights

Some have also said the lights help them navigate the province’s roads at night and avoid hitting moose.

Here are some of the comments:

Dusty Lewis Senecal: Good luck banning aftermarket LEDs when they put them stock in newer vehicles. People put aftermarket LEDs in older vehicles for a reason, older lights aren't as good.

Donald John Barker: Well the stupid f--kers better give the RCMP in Glovertown a ticket first they have a new cruiser out there with a 20" rigid light bar on it!!!

Ryan Lawlor: They can't do anything about it, they will have to take all the new vehicles with LEDs off the road including their own. Lol

Garrett Dennis Maurice Hamilton: I love ’em and I got led high beams in my corolla, I can see everything, save me from hitting a few moose

Tyler O'Rourke: Yeah, I got LEDs put in three of my vehicles. I love ‘em too. It's just foolish that the RCMP have so little to do as to worry about this.

Matt Penney: This is … stupid. I'll take the ticket. For the amount of nighttime highway driving I do across this province all the time. I wanna see! Just can't be a (jerk) about it, turn ’em off when something’s coming.

Justin Russell: Until the government in Newfoundland and Labrador does something to help control wildlife in this province I will NOT remove the light bar from my truck. End of story.

Dillon Strickland: Did anybody take the time to read “aftermarket” calm down boys. Most people put HIDs or LEDs in a bulb housing made for halogens. Usually resulting in the glare. That being said most police units have light bars on them though.

Jordan Stanley: Yes, but the whole part of being illegal is use them with the same discretion as a high beam. Don’t be a douche driving with them on flat out. Only when it’s clear.

Glen Hogan: Should ban the led sign on Kenmount Road too by Credit Union. I’ve been almost blinded more by those … than any headlight/lightbar out there.

Evan McDonald: B’ys, the cops don’t make the tickets and they don’t go out in their spare time and install light bars on the rigs … Jesus, the first time the law changes and everyone hates cops lol.

Kyle Dyke: I’ll be completely honest I have had people leave their light bars on coming at me and I don’t find it any worse than high beams comin’ at me at all.

Donald John Barker: Some of them are stupid bright. You can tell the cheap Ebay ones though lol. I won’t be taking my light bar off. When I get called out in the night-time to drive to friggin’ Lamaline somewhere in a rainstorm that … comes in handy.

Tom Way: The problem is the cheap LED headlights or HID. They are not usually projection and just blind anyone else. Plus people level and lift and don’t readjust their lights. Some rigs going around with pink and green headlights..haha. I have lights bars etc. Just need be a grownup and turn them off when cars are coming. Basically if it didn’t come from the factory, it’s not legal...bottom line. Factory is how (Transport Canada) approved your vehicle for sale. It’s Canadian law. Just depends on how much they want to enforce it. Getting fined is the chance we take when we lift or modify lights — it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Imagine if they enforced bumper heights....all the mall crawlers be parked.

Andrew Fowler: “My rig came from factory with these lights. This law is dumb!” Really? Did NO one read the “AFTERMARKET” part? Also states that it's not illegal to sell or own them (which one would assume means it can be equipped on the vehicle) pretty sure the rule is about use on public roads. Off road is fair game ….

Jack Peters: Absolutely! This is all about safety! Not some individual deciding what is “safe.” If it is indeed a problem and I think we all agree it could be and that is cool! But we need scientific proof not one cop’s interpretation. There is a bigger picture here. Cops do not make laws! Their job is to enforce with scientific tools. We can’t let this slippery slope happen!


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