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Man who defrauded his Deer Lake employer granted conditional discharge

A young man who stole blank cheques from his employer was given a break when the theft was discovered.

But when he defrauded that same employer of $1,000, his boss wasn’t so lenient.

Ryan Laite, 23, was employed at Na-Tallie Ranch Limited in Deer Lake when he stole the blank cheques and endorsed them to himself.

Upon discovery his employer decided not to contact the police and it was agreed that Laite would repay the money by having his paycheques reduced by $1,000.

But on Aug. 19, 2016 Laite added a one to one of his paycheques, changing it from $343.53 to $1,343.53, and cashed it.

This time his employer contacted the police and Laite was charge with fraud.

Laite pleaded guilty to the charge on Nov. 1 and was sentenced in provincial court in Corner Brook on Monday to a conditional discharge with 12-months probation.

In granting Laite a conditional discharge, Judge Wayne Gorman noted in his written decision that he was a youthful first-time offender, that he has no prior convictions and is employed on a full-time basis.

A presentence report did indicate that Laite has a problem with drugs and that he used the money to pay for drugs and/or to pay bills and drug related debts. It also noted that he has sought treatment for his addictions.

Laite assumes responsibility for his actions and does express remorse.

As part of his sentence he must also repay the $1,000 to Na-Tallie Ranch, make a $500 donation to food bank and pay a $100 victim surcharge to the court.

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