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Massive iceberg draws crowd to coastal community of Bridgeport

BRIDGEPORT, NL – There was a big attraction in the small coastal community of Bridgeport last week, a roughly 150 foot tall iceberg.

Despite the recent soaring temperatures, the iceberg was still resting gently in the harbour, unaffected by the throng of onlookers when the Pilot visited the port last week. At the time there were roughly 80 people on hand to view the iceberg, and locals estimate there have been “thousands” since word of the iceberg got out.

Island native Alana Barnes was passing through the area taking photographs when she first heard about the big Bridgeport berg. 

“I was in Twillingate searching for photos because I'm a photographer,” Barnes told the Pilot. “When I stopped to speak to a few guys they said, ‘If your looking for a great pic you should go on over to Bridgeport to see a huge berg.’”

Barnes made the trek down to Bridgeport to check it out, and what she found did not disappoint. 

“When I turned the winding corners to Bridgeport I just screamed, ‘Oh my god,’” said Barnes. “It was amazing to see.”

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