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MHAs throw support behind Ches Crosbie

['Ches Crosbie.']
Ches Crosbie's support for his leadership bid of the PC party of Newfoundland and Labrador continues to grow. MHAs Barry Petten and Jim Lester said Wednesday they are backing his run.

Barry Petten, Jim Lester add names to growing list of backers

Support is growing for Ches Crosbie’s bid to become leader of the Progressive Conservative party.

C.B.S. MHA Barry Petten and Mount Pearl North MHA Jim Lester are both endorsing Crosbie’s Leadership bid a news release from the Crosbie campaign said Wednesday.

In addition to Petten and Lester, Crosbie has garnered support from former premiers Tom Marshall and Tom Rideout, former federal cabinet minister Loyola Hearn, former provincial speaker Roger Fitzgerald, former provincial cabinet ministers Dan Crummell and Joseph Goudie, SOPAC chairperson Linda Bishop, disabilities advocate Paul Walsh and Memorial University’s PC and Conservative student associations.

The leader will be chosen at the Progressive Conservative convention slated for April 27-29.

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