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MUN full-time enrolments hold steady, international interest on the rise

Memorial University’s St. John’s campus.
Memorial University’s St. John’s campus. - Joe Gibbons

Based on preliminary data acquired by the Association of Atlantic Universities (AAU), enrolment at Memorial University of Newfoundland is about on par with years past and the rest of Atlantic Canada.

The number of full-time undergraduate students enrolled at MUN increased one per cent over last year. For universities in the Maritime provinces, that figure was 2.8 per cent year-over-year.

With the exception of Nova Scotia, which saw a 5.3 per cent increase in 2018, part-time undergrad enrolment fell off in each province. MUN was the only university to see an increase in the number of graduate students enrolled part-time.

MUN president and vice-chancellor Dr. Gary Kachanoski, chair of the AAU, said the increased enrolments speak well of institutional and collaborative efforts to make Atlantic Canada a national and international education destination.

“Despite the region’s rapidly shrinking and aging population, our universities continue to succeed at attracting new students from across Canada and around the world,” President Kachanoski stated in a release.

Not unlike the rest of the Atlantic provinces, MUN also experienced an uptick in the number of international students, climbing 12.3 per cent over 2017 numbers.

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