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NunatuKavut support inquiry into Muskrat Falls

NunatuKavut president Todd Russell
NunatuKavut president Todd Russell

Following an announcement by Premier Dwight Ball yesterday that an inquiry would be held into Muskrat Falls the NunatuKavut Community Council (NCC) issued a statement they are in favour of the inquiry.

NCC President Todd Russell said they have serious concerns, going back nearly two decades, about the impacts and potential effects of the project on their environment, health and way of life.

“It will be important that the Terms of Reference and the inquiry itself focus on the process around the Muskrat Falls project sanctioning, issues around cost overruns and delays, as well as liability issues for the future that arise from how the work has been done to date,” he said. “It is equally important that the inquiry respect specific Southern Inuit concerns and perspectives.”

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