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RNC warns Newfoundland and Labrador motorists to be prepared for snowstorm

Royal Newfoundland Cruiser — Submitted file photo
Submitted file photo

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) is cautioning motorists ahead of this week’s forecasted winter weather, expected  to hit Thursday evening into Friday.

According to an Environment Canada’s storm watch, snow will begin over southeastern Newfoundland Thursday afternoon, become heavy at times in the evening and persist overnight. Strengthening northeasterly winds will combine with the fresh snowfall to give reduced visibilities in blowing snow beginning Thursday evening. Blowing snow may continue into Friday morning as this system passes.

The RNC is reminding motorists during such weather, driving conditions could rapidly and unexpectedly change, creating hazards and challenges for drivers. People should check weather and road reports before they leave where they are.

Other advice from the RNC:

Allow extra time when travelling to and from destinations in winter and slow down. Travel below the posted limit and increase your following distance. Always assume road conditions will be slippery in winter.

Dress for winter even though you will be in your car. Then you will be prepared if you become stranded.

Carry a cell phone to contact emergency services if you experience trouble.

Carry a survival kit in your vehicle. For a description of a winter driving survival kit visit: Recommended items include a shovel, salt, blanket, booster cables, flashlight, high energy foods, matches and a candle.

Ensure your vehicle is mechanically safe and sound. Have your vehicle fully serviced to avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

Ensure you have winter tires on your vehicle.

Make sure your heater and defroster are working properly.

Check all your lights to ensure they are working including your hazards.

Make sure your windows are all clear of ice and snow.

Ensure your wiper blades are in good working condition. Fill up your windshield fluid and make sure it's working properly.

Have an ice scraper or snow brush in your vehicle to clear the snow and ice from all windows, mirrors, lights and roof.

Keep your fuel tank at least half full so that you don't run out of gas if stranded, and to prevent condensation in your fuel tank.

Be aware of neighbours or family members, especially the elderly, who may need some assistance with snow clearing or company should weather create mobility challenges.

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