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Route 100 committee hopeful after meeting with Newfoundland and Labrador government

Ray Murphy is cautiously optimistic after meeting with provincial Transportation and Works officials this week about the state of Route 100.

The Route 100 Road Improvement Committee requested the meeting back in mid-April, Murphy said.

The committee says the route, which includes the Argentia Access Road, is an embarrassment for visitors arriving on the ferry from Nova Scotia to Argentia, as well as a hazard for local residents.  

“Some assurances were provided to make the summer maintenance program this year more effective. Some roadway irritants will be examined more closely this summer and hopefully rectified with a new tracking system and a better system of supervision,” Murphy said.

The committee is worried that line painting will go unfinished on the Argentia Access Road, as it did last year.

Murphy said the section of the route that runs through Dunville has too much dust, is noisy and is unsafe for walkers.

Signs are often missing, or highway sign posts are cluttered with business advertisements, Murphy said.

The road narrows by 10 feet as it passes through the residential area, creating a bottleneck, Murphy said.

As well, the top layer of asphalt has worn off in places and the edges of the pavement have deteriorated.
The committee wants a five-year plan for the highway but suspects it’s a low priority for the government.

Some signs have been replaced, or will be addressed, Murphy noted.

While he said he was a bit relieved after the meeting, he still has concerns about how the upcoming road season will roll out.

A spokesman for Transportation and Works said Friday many of the concerns discussed at the meeting — such as line painting, sign repairs and asphalt repairs — are already planned to take place this summer, as well as other work such as ditching and shoulder repairs, and culvert clearing, which helps prevent flooding during heavy rainfalls.

The activities are part of the Department’s regular summer maintenance program and are completed on a priority basis, the spokesman said.

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