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Sentencing postponed for man who bit corrections officer in Corner Brook

William (Billy) Woolridge is seen in provincial court in Corner Brook on Monday.
William (Billy) Woolridge is seen in provincial court in Corner Brook on Monday. - Diane Crocker

William (Billy) Woolridge had his sentencing hearing postponed in provincial court in Corner Brook on Monday.

Woolridge, 44, was convicted in September of assaulting a corrections officer by biting him on the hand last December.

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Woolridge was supposed to meet with a probation officer in order to have presentence report completed for his sentencing, but that meeting did not go ahead and new one has to be set up.

Woolridge, who has vision and hearing impairments, left the province just after his trial but was present for Monday’s appearance and the court was told that he will now be living in the province.

During his trial, Woolridge said he was acting in self-defence as he could not identify his victim as a corrections officer and did not know who was touching him.

However, in his decision Judge Wayne Gorman said he was satisfied Woolridge knew the victim was a corrections officer and that the officer was actively engaged in carrying out his duties when he was bitten.

Woolridge was also convicted of a breach of an undertaking for failing to keep the peace and be of good behaviour.

His sentencing hearing has now been set for Jan. 12, 2018.

Woolridge is facing a new charge of failure to comply with a probation order and that charge will also be brought forward at his next appearance.

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