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Serious head-on collision near Goulds sends woman to hospital Sunday night

SUV collides with tractor-trailer

One woman was taken to hospital with undetermined injuries Sunday evening following a serious collision on the Robert E. Howlett highway.

An SUV collided head-on with a transport truck just north of Main Road in the Goulds. A witness on scene said the woman’s vehicle was travelling behind him southbound when it appeared the SUV drifted into the oncoming lane in front of the truck.

The SUV overturned and was extensively damaged in the collision while the transport truck ended up in the ditch about 75 metres away. The transport truck was towing a tractor on a flatbed trailer which also ended up in the ditch. The truck was also extensively damaged but the driver was apparently not injured.

A trail of diesel fuel from the truck was also left on the highway following the incident.

The road was closed in the area and was expected to remain closed until the scene could be cleared.

The RNC is investigating.

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