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St. George’s mayor Danny Conway says new marina is top item on agenda

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Mayor Danny Conway of St. George’s is happy with a new marina being developed in his town and port facilities continuing to be operated with product going to new markets.

He’s also pleased their town has inked a new collective agreement with union personnel for a six-year period.

Conway feels the town can make improvements in tourism.

The following is what he feels the five most important things that happened in the community in 2018 are.

The top item on the agenda must be the activity and the work that was started on our new marina in St. George’s on Dec. 12. We’re expecting it to be complete sometime in late August and it involves an upgrade of $2 million to get the marina developed.

Increased activity at the industrial deep-water port in St. George’s with Western Logging finding new markets and creating new jobs was also positive in 2018. This involves shipping aggregates and gypsum out of the former Flintkote mine in Flat Bay and the gravel quarry pit in Shallop Cove.

A new firehall extension to accommodate a new fire truck got underway in the town this past fall and continues. The new truck is expected to be provided sometime in the future, but they want to be prepared for it.

Conway was pleased with the signing of a new six-year contract with union employees at the town that provides a three per cent increase each year for the length of the agreement.

He said a new $1.2 million budget was brought down by his town council in November and he was especially glad they were able to bring it in with no tax increases.

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