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St. John’s parking meter ticketing to be voted on next week

St. John's Coun. Debbie Hanlon.
St. John's Coun. Debbie Hanlon. - Juanita Mercer

A controversial plan to ticket people parked at broken meters downtown for more than two hours will be brought to council for a vote next week.

Last week, Coun. Debbie Hanlon said signs were already being erected to that effect, and ticketing would start “within a very short time period.”

Hanlon received backlash last week for saying “shame on them” to anyone who is parking at broken meters all day.

However, at Tuesday evening’s council meeting, Hanlon said it’s too early to say exactly what sort of plan will be brought to council next week.

She said there are ongoing discussions with downtown stakeholders to figure out those details.

“We’re looking at parking relief for mainly the wintertime, for the Christmas season, for some of the retailers. Customers can’t get into their stores, so we’re looking at something to help them out.”

Hanlon was mum on details, noting there would be more information during next week’s council meeting.

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