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St. John’s residents’ feedback considered in upcoming budget

St. John’s Coun. Dave Lane, lead councillor for finance and administration, speaks to reporters Monday at city hall.
St. John’s Coun. Dave Lane, lead councillor for finance and administration. - Juanita Mercer

St. John’s city council released its “What We Heard” document Tuesday, highlighting concerns heard from residents during public engagement for the upcoming budget.

The 2019-21 city budget will be announced on Dec. 10.

Coun. Dave Lane said council made its final budget decisions in a special meeting on Tuesday, noting those decisions were largely informed by concerns and ideas put forward by residents – including suggestions about transit, affordable housing, capital spending and water tax.

Councillors were given the public engagement document last week in advance of its release on Tuesday.

Lane said council has now passed its budget decisions back to city staff to compile and ensure all line items are in place.

“I think everything we’ve done was influenced by the collection of input that we received. Some things we knew we were going to hear – don’t raise the mill rate was the big one,” he said.

“What we got to see was how varied the needs and wants of the community are, and then we can apply that to what’s realistic, and what the public needs, and what is it going to cost to do that.”

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